MAMA exhibition by Sarah Svetlana announced on Mother's Day

Statement from the Artist:

“Mama was the first home. She was my always home, she carried home for me, carried everything it represented—a burden so heavy, so enormous that it encompassed years of memories, and so much space. Without her I am untethered, endlessly longing. I am endlessly searching for home. As I work to prepare for this show, I begin to realize that the textures and colors of my childhood have become markers and traces of a space between a country that no longer exists and a country where I will always feel like a refugee. I remain in a liminal space where I am always observing and wandering.
The first marks, the shapes, are sometimes unintentional, as if the brush strokes strike out memories and words. Then, the colors are layered methodically, over and over, at times with my hands, my mind far away, focused only on the smallest speck of color as I turn inward, painting my memories. I would like to announce my first solo exhibition, MAMA, presented by artHYPE, at TAG Gallery, in Los Angeles. Opening reception 9/27/2019, 6-9pm.”

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Karen Sarrow