Genesis Be

Genesis Be is a critically acclaimed Hip Hop artist, painter and healer from Biloxi, MS. Her catalog boasts seven original albums and her work has been featured in Billboard, Yahoo Music, LA Times, VICE and more. A graduate from NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, Be incorporates themes of social justice, sensuality and abstract minimalism in both her visual art pieces and her music. Her upcoming album and art exhibit, People Not Things, debuted March 2019 in Los Angeles and will be showing August 2-17 in Brooklyn’s Bishop Gallery. Her unique perspective explores and challenges our concepts of humanity, exploitation, race dynamics, queer identity and sensuality using multimedia. Her work is often self-critical and satirical at times. G.Be states "I am an activist because I am a hopeless romantic, I cannot hide my passions nor my pain. My concern for the disregard of the human condition overwhelms me as does the love, magic and wonders I've witness in our World. My art is the vehicle through which I emote" She currently resides in Atlanta, GA.

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Her signature ‘barrier’ style strokes reflect her personal and political struggle to heal conflict, and bridge the divides that prevent human connection.
— artHYPE Director, Karen Sarrow

Works Available in Los Angeles: